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About YurtSpace

Thank you for visiting the yurtspace website, what ever your event, we will do our very best to make the yurt you hire feel like your own. We always love to hear from you to talk about  your ideas and any special requirements you or your guests may have.

Our History 
The idea to start Yurtspace came from a need to be self reliant and sustainable.
Yurt HireAs a home educating family I needed a way to earn a living, from a business that revolves around the family rather than the other way around.
We first came across the concept of Yurt living in 2000 while travelling in Australia, and then Spain where we met Rob and Ratna, at the dream stayed in my head until earlier this year when I was able to buy my first Yurt, manifesting the dream into my reality.
We currently hire out our 14 foot yurt for parties , weddings workshops and events.
Our first exhibition was this years

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Our yurts are made how they should be, with attention to detail, quality materials and made by craftsmen using the time honoured designs of the great central Asian yurt makers.
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